Training for food businesses

Training your team is key to the growth of any business.

Training for food businesses is a legal requirement, with the law requiring those handling food to be trained to the appropriate level for their tasks. This can take the form of on-the-job and classroom based learning, but must include food safety training at an appropriate level. Developing your teams for business growth is an element for food businesses who are looking beyond their current turnover.



There are a number of food safety courses available which are accredited, and are either run as a classroom based session or on line. The Food Standards Agency has a series of videos and links to support businesses here  The Bacteria Bites Business video on this page shows what can happen when basic controls are not completed. Health and Safety training for all of the members of your team is also important, whether handling food or not, this should be also be refreshed on a regular basis.

Remember whenever training is delivered to:


  • Plan it, so that you cover everything that you need to, and when you need to do it.
  • Check understanding and competence.
  • Record that the training has been done and acknowledged by the trainee, and that competence has also been checked.


Alimenti can deliver training which is bespoke to your organization, such as a business continuity tests to assess your systems and team reaction. This can be useful to develop and test your plans, and team’s understanding. It can also lead to discussions around how to improve the paper based plans.

Alimenti can help with developing your team, adapting the content to your business, and creating modules specific to your business. Call me to discuss this further.

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Did you know that its a legal requirement for Food and Drink businesses in the UK?

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