September Speaking Spots

I have two dates in September speaking to different groups of food businesses.

How confident are you if asked to speak to groups of people?

I used to cringe when I was asked to speak to groups of people.  Now, I have delivered countless webinars, talks and training and I am comfortable in front of people.

The worst event (for me) was agreeing to speak to a group of “about 20” sixth form students. Then being told, upon arrival, that the teachers had decided that they would insist that the whole Sixth Form listen to what I had to say. Eek! Naturally, my tech went to pot, and the video that I had embedded in the presentation didn’t work. That was, until I had a benevolent 17 year old take control and hey presto! The feedback that I had was that the content had been enjoyed and the message that you need to prepare for interviews was well received.

This month I am speaking to a small group of vineyard owners who want to diversify into food and drink (of the non alcoholic kind). I will also be in Canary Wharf in London, speaking at the Enterprise Nation event The Food Exchange, about how to negotiate the compliance maze of approval of blue chip customers. Two very different audiences, but equally I will prepare well in advance for both. Both will be exercising my experience in food safety management in different ways.

How do you feel about public speaking?

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