Do you do return to work interviews with your teams? 

Do you have a system for managing visitors’ health?

Have you got processes in place for Covid-19?

If any of the answers to these are no, read on! 

Practices pre COVID 19

Before the COVID 19 pandemic hit, it was common practice to check the health of food handlers using a questionnaire. In many businesses, this extended to return to work following holidays and/or illness. In the current circumstances, some businesses have adapted to change their operations. Others continue as before and some have closed for the period of the lockdown or permanently.

What changes should I make now?

The return to work questionnaire should be adapted now to include COVID 19 symptoms, and this should also be extended to visitor checks when arriving on site. To document these checks, a questionnaire can be used which outlines the current isolation practices and symptoms and asks the visitor to confirm that they have not been in contact with or are suffering from symptoms of COVID 19. (or SARS COV 2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) , as it has recently been classified).

Other checks

Other checks that can be done on people include their understanding of how social distancing works in your work environment, along with training records that they have been trained in what this means in your site. This may also include a briefing for visitors and anyone who visits your site. 

Naturally with any changes, your site food safety management plan and HACCP must be reviewed and amendments documented and implemented. This includes changes to paperwork as well as temporary changes to procedures. These can include social distancing and  site visitor changes.

Have you considered entrances, office and visitor waiting areas, rest areas processing areas, access routes, toilet and changing areas? Consider marking zones and direction flows.

Do you need extra signage for any changes? You could consider marking zones and direction flows.

There are lots of resources available including this document on cleaning and disinfection with respect to coronavirus.If you have any questions, please get in touch via email to


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