Reopening, Restarting, Repurposing

Before you think about reopening your business. There are a number of considerations to be made. At the time of writing, (May 2020) there is no evidence that COVID 19 is transmitted by food. The virus cannot move by itself. It has to be moved. It is a respiratory virus transmitted by droplets coughed by those carrying the virus, or by surfaces that the droplets have landed on and then touched by humans and transferred to the face and respiratory system.  


What actions do I take?

Before reopening your food and drink business, there are a number of actions you should take. In no particular order (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Advise your local environmental health department. 
  • Check your waste contract to ensure that waste will be collected
  • Confirm that pest control is effective
  • Inspect your ambient store for out of date products
  • Deep clean your premises. There is a blog about cleaning here.
  • Train your team in any new procedures and record the training.
  • Check with your suppliers that they are able to deliver the raw materials you require. 
    Check your raw materials have not changed or been amended. Particularly pay attention to allergens.
  • Check your labelling and allergen advice to customers is still correct.
  • Review the HACCP for your business.
  • Record the audit and any changes implemented. 
  • Order any PPE required for your business.

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