What I learned from the GDPR implementation date, was that regulation changes should be treated the same whether for general or specific business sectors .

It’s important to work on your business as well as in your business, so everyone says. But it is also important to take time out for some rest and fun!

I hope that you took some time away from your business over the course of a week, to rest and refill your energy tanks. I recently went to Bath Festival to hear some of the oldies and some new music acts. The weather gods were kind and I didn’t get drenched!

I stayed away overnight and the hotel chain that I stayed with had sent me one of the numerous GDPR emails that we all received over the last couple of weeks (May 2018). Naturally, I filed it away in a overflowing folder to look at “another time”. 🙂

What has struck me about the flurry of activity is two things.

One – that I was on lists of businesses that I had never heard of. I was texted and emailed by all sorts of businesses!

Two – that preparation is key to a change in legislation. I have been aware of the GDPR changes to regulation for at least 12 months. I have built my marketing policies and strategies in anticipation of the change, not as a last minute OMG! reaction. In food safety, it is the same. A well informed approach is much better that a knee jerk reaction. This way, training and changes to documentation can all be handled in a timely manner.


I would love to know your thoughts.

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