pest control in food premises

Do you have pest control in your food premises? How do you manage the four things that pests need to thrive? These are shelter, food, water and time to grow and multiply.

Pests can carry a number of disease-causing organisms. These include bacteria, viruses and protozoa which can cause harm to consumers and food handlers. They can cause physical hazards by contamination of ingredients and processed food. This can be from droppings, fur and feathers, body parts. They may also cause damage to packaging and the fabric of buildings. 


Legislation in the UK and globally requires pests to be excluded from food areas. Use of HACCP principles and other food safety management systems will identify pests as the cause of potential food hazards. They should be excluded from areas where food and drink is prepared  and stored.  Effective pest control in food premises will prevent the introduction of pests and manage the conditions that may encourage their presence or facilitate their survival

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Pest control contractors

Pest management is often subcontracted out by food businesses and selecting a good contractor is an essential part of your pest control programme.Ensuring that you work with the contractor is critical. Any recommendations should be acted upon and signed off as complete. An external auditor or inspector will often review pest control documents, not only to ensure that any pests are under control, but also to check that their recommendations are being acted upon.  

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What can I do?

Actions to be taken to manage and prevent pests thriving in your premises include, proofing all doors and windows using (for example) brush strips and sealant. Ensuring that there is no spillages which can attract pests or clearing them up as soon as possible. Cleaning the premises throroughly at the end of each production shift or day will also stop any possible attraction of pests. making sure that any harbourage is removed, by kepeing food off the floor and away from walls where possible. Training staff to report all sightings and helping them to understand why will help too. 

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