Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver growth for our clients by enabling them to create and maintain food safety management systems which deliver safe and legal food.

Our Values

These values are the core values that represent Alimenti and how the business operates, both internally and externally. These are what the values mean to us.

HONESTY – open and frank with everyone and true to what we are talking about. The good things and the bad things. We are truthful even if the message isn’t what the client wants to hear.

RESPONSIBILITY – Making sure we deliver what we said we would. We have a responsibility to our  clients and the consumer to make sure products and processes are safe.

MUTUAL RESPECT & DIVERSITY – Everyone is respected, heard and treated equally. this aligns with the UN Global goal 10 to reduce inequality. find out more here.

INTEGRITY – Combination of honesty and responsibility. We are honest enough to say when things are not going well, as well as when they are.

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Who is in the Alimenti team?

Alimenti works with a number of businesses to support the work that we do. This includes associate technical experts such as Windsor Bell International. 

Alimenti works with Kinder Pocock as accountants and Virtual Diamond as VAs (Virtual Assistants) to help with admin. 

Our MD is Louise Roberts. (She is in the photo above and is the face of the business)


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