Do You Value your Customers’ and Business’ Health?

Are you a food or drink business owner?  

You know how everyone else seems so much more knowledgeable and confident about their food safety compliance?

Maybe you get distracted looking for the latest food safety updates, zipping round millions of websites. Or are you struggling to keep focused and keep your documentation up to date?

After all, your passion and expertise is all about creating amazing food or drink.

Maybe you have a demanding customer that is keeping you awake at night?

Are you kept awake at night worrying that you, or your team, are inadvertently breaking the law, or might cause injury to a customer? (Think about the headlines and risk to your reputation)

And what is worse than if all of your hard work results in a lower food hygiene rating than you deserve or failing a customer/SALSA/BRCGS audit and losing customers  as a result.

With over 30 years in the industry delivering food safety systems, accreditations, training and everything associated with food legality and safety for businesses from a few people to 30 000 and 5 years delivering business support to people like you, I have carefully curated and crafted the perfect support system for artisan business owners.


Interested in finding out more?

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What do I do?

I give you certainty and confidence on compliance, so you focus on your craft and customers.

I act as your fairy godmother who takes away your worries and gives you back a good night’s sleep.

A passion of mine is collecting and curating knowledge and information around food safety. A certified professional, I’ve honed my expertise to provide you with outstanding support. When I have your back, you can face your customers with total confidence.

I am there as your trusted mentor, holding your hand, providing you with a safe space to learn about, understand, and know how to apply all of the latest legislation.

Spaces are limited for food safety mentor. I only take on 5 mentoring clients at a time so I can  be certain I can give everyone the same quality attention. Spaces are limited for my food safety mentoring and applications are now open.

Book a call now . I don’t want to waste your time and money if we don’t fit together when we speak.

Interested in finding out more?

Click here to book a call,  so you can boss your food safety

Would you like to have a trusted person or critical friend to discuss your food safety with, as well as  access to an approved food safety document pack that you can download to suit your business?

The programme (including document packs) will be priced at  £199.00 plus VAT per month, from 1st September 2022.

As your trusted food safety mentor I will deliver with you:

Confidence in your decisions

Access to my Guardian product vault

2  mentoring calls per month helping you prioritize and build and create a sustainable safe and legal food business

Helping you transform the knowledge you have and how you use it.

I will help and support you through stretching your ambitions

If you want a paradigm shift in your attitude and approach to food safety, making it at the core of your business, get in touch. Lets talk!


Is a mentor not what you are looking for?

Some food and drink business owners want a more hands on type of consultancy, you can find my food safety management packages here.

Get in touch and lets talk. Book a call with me here or email me at

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