Have you heard the term HACCP prerequisites?

The use of HACCP prerequisites or PRPs (Pre Requisite Programmes) in HACCP terminology became more popular when the last version of the Codex Alimentarius by WHO was published in 2011.

So what are they?

Cornell University defines PRPs as “ steps or procedures, including GMPs and SSOPs, which control the operational conditions within a food establishment and promote environmental conditions that are favorable for the production of safe food. Prerequisite programs are the foundation of a Food Safety/HACCP system.”


Essentially, HACCP Prerequisites are the Good Manufacturing Procedures, practices and operations that ensure the food produced is safe to eat. I usually describe them as an umbrella that sits across the process, such as training, cleaning and maintenance. They will control hazards such as those classified into physical, chemical, allergen and microbiological hazards.


Typical HACCP Prerequisites


Fabric of the building and production areas


Pest control

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Personal hygiene policies

Calibration and verification


Recall procedures

Complaint monitoring

Approved supplier lists and approval processes 

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