Chemical Hazards

This page is about Chemical Hazards.

These are any chemical which is not intended to be included your products. In some cases these may cause injury if consumed (a hazard). To reduce the risk of chemical hazards, a risk assessment as part of the HACCP or Safer Food Better Business study should be conducted

Chemical hazards include cleaning chemicals, agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and poisons/toxins from other sources.

Chemical hazards haccp

To conduct a chemical risk assessment for HACCP, first consider the types of chemical in your production.

  • Naturally occurring chemicals.
  • Intentionally added chemicals
  • Unintentionally added chemicals, as well as those added incidentally.

Many naturally occurring chemicals are found in food. Although many toxins are naturally occurring, they are chemical in origin and fall under the classification of chemical hazards. Examples are the toxins created when nuts are mouldy (aflatoxins) or some types of fish spoil (histamine). Some shellfish produce chemicals that are toxic to humans but not the shellfish.

Some chemicals are used in food intentionally, but can be toxic at higher than typical concentrations. These include nitrite used in curing meats and Vitamin A.

Unintentionally added chemicals could be cleaning chemicals, incorrectly used and animal medicines such as antibiotics. There are monitoring programmes in the UK for meat with a large number of medicines and chemicals such as heavy metals tested for and reported.

Incidental chemicals may include those that have migrated from plastic packaging, or other contact materials.

Cleaning chemicals, maintenance chemicals and agricultural chemicals can all cause injury if not handled correctly.


Tip: Have you got your COSHH  (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) documentation and controls in order and are your  chemicals locked away?

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