Growing your food and drink business mistake 7:

How well do you know your supply chain?

Growing your business mistake 7 is about the importance of knowing your supply chain.

With the increase in awareness of food fraud and provenance by the consumer and businesses, having a transparent and documented supply chain is important to the success of an application for approval. Make sure that every supplier is risk assessed including those for packaging and services such as compressed gases. It s a key part of your HACCP plan.

 This is particularly important if you are considering selling into retail. Major foodservice providers and retailers require visibility of your supply chain and your ingredients and suppliers. They need documented reassurance that you have everything under control and are working with fully risk assessed partners.

grow your business mistake

Case study for Growing your food business mistake 7

Having visibility of your supply chain is one thing. Understanding a fully risk assessed supply chain is a different matter all together.

In 2013, horsemeat was found in product labelled as beef. At the time routine species testing did not include horse as routine, as it is not an animal used in the UK food industry routinely. As a rule, sites were looking for species known to be handled at the site. This was to ensure that cross contamination did not affect the integrity of the product, eg chicken and pork. 

Food specifications


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