Growing your food and drink business mistake 5:

How is the health of your HACCP Plan or study?

Growing your business mistake 5 is about having an out of date or missing HACCP Plan or study

Does your HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) folder sit on the shelf gathering dust, until the auditor asks for it?

(It happens)

Make sure that you have updated and reviewed your HACCP before any potential customer does an audit.


Case study for Growing your food business mistake 5

I worked with a client who chose to bring me in to create a HACCP plan and then  maintain it in house. ( Or that was my understanding of our relationship).

Once the HACCP Plan was handed over, I left the site in the knowledge that they had the tools to run the buisiness safely and legally.

About 2 years later, I had a phone call from the owner. The owner said that they had been audited by a customer and  failed. Would I go back to discuss the audit? I made the appointment and returned to site. 

When I spoke to the auditor to discuss the audit, I was told that the HACCP plan was on the shelf, gathering dust. No one knew anything about it, apart from the owner. 

Lesson learned is that any site HACCP plan must be a shared “Live” document which is understood by all key members of a team.

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