Growing your business mistake 4:

Little understanding of routes to market or volumes.

Growing your business mistake 4 is little understanding of routes to market or volumes nor how the goods will be delivered to the customers site.

Do you understand the potential volumes that you will be expected to deliver. Do you know how they will get to site?

Research done early in the process will pay dividends. Particularly when you can show that you have spoken to the consolidating logistics company or have already done a dummy run to site to understand the issues and costs.

Trials are essential for new products or production lines. Trial, trial and trial again until the product is completely understood in your production environment.

grow your business mistake 4

Case study for Growing your business mistake 4

I once attended a first production run where the product was rolling off the conveyor belt!  The team attempting to produce the product (in  a high care environment) were doing their best. However, the packaging was spherical and rolled around a lot, mixing up the contents of a beautiful salad.

The product and its packaging looked beautiful when handled gently and carefully in a kitchen by chefs. However the reality of a moving conveyor belt, resulted in a far different experience. The product wasn’t produced more than twice. The over production that was necessary to ensure the required number were delivered meant that the wastage was huge and unsustainable.

Lack of trials was my diagnosis.


Food specifications

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