Growing your business mistake 3:

Insufficient research.

Growing your business mistake 3 is Insufficient or No Customer Research.
Research your potential customer ‘s pain points. Understand their reasons for looking
for a new product or supplier. Which is it (Product or supplier) and why?

Try to visit sites for multi site businesses. Speak to the people who will be using your products. Find out their pain points and use this information.

Another benefit of speaking directly to sites, is that you will have anecdotal evidence to share with your buyer or other contact.

grow your business mistake 3

Case study for Growing your business mistake 3

I was once asked to speak to a potential supplier by a senior buyer. Having introduced myself as the technical lead for the food team. I explained that I was speaking to the representative from the business to understand if they had the technical support to supply a business such as the one that I worked for.

The person I was speaking to had not done their research. I was given a sales pitch similar to one, I imagine, given to a site manager. It was all about profit margins and cost benefits. I reported back that I didn’t feel the business had the appropriate support to supply multiple sites and cope with the demands of the business I worked for.

The error made was not researching the potential customer to understand the people  that may be involved  in a multi national, multi operation business.

Food specifications

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