Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ  are always the things that niggle when deciding to work with a new person. I have answered those that I am asked more often.

How much do you charge?

That depends on how much  you are happy to do.  Working with me can involve downloading a document pack and reading the information on this website up to bespoke site visits. Read more about the costs and different services on my work with me section.

How long will it take?

I cannot answer this one, until I have spoken to you about your business and what you want to achieve.  Book a free 30  minute consultation here, and let’s have a chat.

Do you do the testing?
No, but I can put you in touch with laboratories.
What do I need to do before I start a food or drink business?

Do some research and register with the local regulatory authority. There are lots of tips here, or sign up to download my free checklist here (and get lots of free food safety updates and tips).

I want to supply into a major retailer, what do I have to do?

My first question to you is, why a retailer? Have you considered food service, too? Most retailers will publish their codes of practice or what their technical requirements are. Often SALSA or BRCGS Food Accreditation is required. Food Service may be an equally profitable route to market. Companies like Sodexo and Compass are often looking to source from SME’s.

Where do I find the allergen information on food?
It is a legal requirement that all pre packed food highlights any of the 14 prescribed allergens on the packaging. Read more here.
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