Food Safety Consultants and Conferences

When do you find time to keep your skills and knowledge up to date? I believe that you are always learning. As food safety consultants, it is important to invest the time and energy to update our knowledge and skills. With this in mind I attended two food safety conferences. One focused on Food safety culture, held in Cardiff. One with more diverse speakers held in London, looking at Food Safety and Quality Culture.

The Food Safety and Quality Culture Conference

This was hosted by BSI and had speakers who gave personal experiences and examples of excellent company cultures. These were demonstrating how to deliver safe food at an understood quality. The investment in people and places that is needed to ensure that a good food safety and quality culture is developed was also obvious. The discussions around the role of standards in this area was also debated. The aeronautical and automotive industries were held up as good examples of supply chain support. This support is from the final product manufacturer. There is the acknowledgement that you need to build profit into the supply chain to ensure that it is sustainable.

16th Annual UK Association for Food Protection Conference

The conference held in Cardiff was targeting those interested in Food Safety Culture from a more academic perspective. This was hosted by UK Association for Food Protection. The audience was made up of food safety consultants and academics, as well as technical experts from industry and students. The audience were given updates from regulators and academics, as well as SALSA and BRC.


I have also attended a local business conference and a Workshop looking at the challenges that the food industry local to me, in Worcestershire, is facing. Amongst the challenges of having a robust food safety culture, the availability of resources and sustainability of the industry were discussed.

From these events, and the Food Exchange conference that I spoke at for Enterprise Nation, I have learned so much about the interconnected pieces that create a good and secure food safety culture. I will be sharing this with my Clients. The impact of resilience throughout the food supply chain has also been identified as a topic for conversation with other food safety consultants and my client businesses.

The creation of a robust and resilient food safety culture is one of the key elements in securing a resilient food and drink supply chain, which benefits the whole economy.

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