How do you invest in yourself?

I will be attending Media Influence Live on 4th & 5th July 2018. It is an expensive time and financial investment in me, rather than my business. I have paid for train tickets, overnight accommodation in London and the event ticket with an added mastermind element. This is in addition to the time and energy that I will invest in myself and the event and both preparation and follow up.

Why am I doing this?

I am investing in my personal development and seizing the opportunity to network with influencers and journalists. Two years ago, the idea of sitting down with other business people, that I had never met before and asking for their opinion on my business plans, would have filled me with dread. Now I am willingly asking for their input.

I have always invested in my technical knowledge. As a food safety professional, it is essential. However, the softer skills of the business world have not seemed as important. So one week from the time of writing this, I will be in the middle of networking with like minded people and the speakers. Some of whom I have met online, via social media, others that I have not.


My goals for the event are

  • to learn more about how to pitch to journalists (which is a scary thing, for me)
  • to start to create a proper media strategy
  • to understand how to overcome the fear of being seen in the media. (see above)

How do you invest in yourself?

Do you set goals or objectives when you attend training, development or networking events? I have learnt that you create more opportunities and learn more when you do.

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