These are resources that I have gathered or written to help you with the coronavirus pandemic that we are facing.

This virus (or Covid 19) belongs to a group of viruses called coronavirus. It is a new human pathogen which emerged in December 2019 in  China. The origin is unknown.  The source of the virus is unknown. Theories include that it is of animal origin, such as  a bat or pangolin.


The virus

The mortality rate difficult to calculate at present as our knowledge of the virus is so new.  Our current understanding is being in an older age group or those with  underlying health conditions increase the risk for severe infection. The virus is spread from droplets from the respiratory system or from surfaces that these droplets have landed on. The virus remains active for longer than most viruses on surfaces, such as cardboard and plastic.


Can I Kill the virus?

The virus is not alive in strict terms. It needs a host to replicate. The virus is relatively easy to deactivate. It can be destroyed by using soap and water. The use of disinfectants is important, but only those with anti viral activity. Anti bacterial disinfectants do not work against this virus.

How do I protect myself?

Washing your hands regularly, staying away from people outside of your household and social distancing are recommendations. The use of practices, such as coughing and sneezing into tissues which are immediately disposed of, are also recommended. The use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as eye protection, gloves, masks able to remove viral particles from the air that you are breathing is recommended if you suspect you will come into contact with coronavirus carriers who are infectious. In the UK, it is essential to use masks in any enclosed space, outside your home.


Aerosols from breath travel further than you may think. Two metres is recommended for normal conversation. Exercise will cause deeper breathing which may expel particles from deeper in your lungs. The distance travelled by the air expelled will also be further. Try not to be in the slipstream of someone who is running or cycling in front of you. Try to stagger your positions.

This article discusses research which had not been peer reviewed at the time of publishing, but appears credible to me.

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