Review of 2018

Review of 2018

Review of 2018 2018 was a busy year in Alimenti Food Sciences. This review of 2018 highlights some of the activities that I am most proud of. It has not all been roses, but the support of friends and other business owners has helped me to  look forward to 2019 with...

Food Safety Consultants and Conferences

Food Safety Consultants and Conferences When do you find time to keep your skills and knowledge up to date? I believe that you are always learning. As food safety consultants, it is important to invest the time and energy to update our knowledge and skills. With this...

September Speaking Spots

September Speaking Spots I have two dates in September speaking to different groups of food businesses. How confident are you if asked to speak to groups of people? I used to cringe when I was asked to speak to groups of people.  Now, I have delivered countless...
Do you invest in yourself?

Do you invest in yourself?

How do you invest in yourself? I will be attending Media Influence Live on 4th & 5th July 2018. It is an expensive time and financial investment in me, rather than my business. I have paid for train tickets, overnight accommodation in London and the event ticket...

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