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June 2019

 The news that Natasha’s law is planned to be laid before Parliament this summer was expected given the pledge from Michael Gove after the coroner’s report. It appears to mean that all pre packed food will have to have full ingredient and allergen labelling. Reports indicate that a transition period will give businesses until the summer of  2021 to change their packaging. 

There have been 2 recalls so far this month (26th June 2019)  due to the presence of Listeria. These, along with the reports of deaths following the consumption of sandwiches by hospital patients has led to a blog post which you can find here.

In June I updated my HACCP skills & knowledge by attending a Level 3 and level 4 HACCP course. I will get my results in July. Fingers crossed! 

I have also been to a couple of local events in Worcestershire, including a Food & Drink Forum at Lovells Vineyard.

If you are on Instagram, I have posted regularly about food safety in June. The account is @alimentifoodsciences. If you follow the account, and I will follow you back.

May 2019

In May I attended 2 food safety conferences. One was around the legislation and enforcement changes planned as apart of “Regulating Our Future”  changes from Trading Standards and Food Standards Agency representatives.

The second was based on food safety culture and supply chain challenges. There was a very informative presentation from a halal accreditation body, too. 

The ExperiTent in Dorset went well, with lots of interest and experiments about taste and food, as well as an opportunity for the general public to see what petri dishes full of pathogens looked like. (These were photos not actual pathogenic bacteria in the petri dishes.) 

April 2019

This month I have been busy with Client work. My email newsletter was all about how to avoid killing your business and your customers. I have also written a blog about the debate around doing a deal with the USA, and my opinion on it.

A parish newsletter has also asked if I would write a regular column for them, in Kent. Of course, I said yes! In May I will be helping at Christchurch Discover Science ExperiTENT at the Food Festival. I will write more about it, once it has happened. If you are at the Food Festival, pop by and say hello. I will be there on the Sunday, all day.  

March 2019

Have you ever wondered how to best work with me to suit your budget? My Guided by Alimenti package has a special offer available at the moment. Check it out by clicking on this link

In March I attended the ATOMICON conference in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was organised by Andrew and Pete, and was full of energy and ideas, as well as lots of opportunities to network and socialise with the delegates and speakers. I enjoyed it so much that I booked to go to Atomicon 2020

February 2019

I have written a blog about food that I avoid for food safety reasons.  If you would like to be the first to know about my latest offers, blogs, free downloads and developments at Alimenti, sign up to my newsletter here.   

 January 2019

Happy New Year and I wish you a Prosperous 2019! 

In January I visited Worcestershire Food & Drink inaugural networking event at Pershore College. I also wrote a blog about red tape, and why I believe it is important.  If you would like to know what I got up to in 2018, read my blog post, below.

September Speaking Spots

How confident are you if asked to speak to groups of people?

I used to cringe when I was asked to speak to groups of people.  Now, I have delivered countless webinars, talks and training and I am comfortable in front of people.

Travelling abroad? Read these food safety tips

Travelling abroad? Read these food safety tips

Travelling abroad is a great way to relax and to explore new places whilst guaranteeing good weather. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, here are some tips to help you enjoy the experience. Personally I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and food....

What would you do with a good night’s sleep?

What would you do with a good night’s sleep?

I received a massive compliment recently when I finished a meeting with a new client. The business owner had been struggling with the food safety paperwork for the business. They wanted to grow the business, but the requirements for  accreditation were proving too...

Do you invest in yourself?

Do you invest in yourself?

How do you invest in yourself? I will be attending Media Influence Live on 4th & 5th July 2018. It is an expensive time and financial investment in me, rather than my business. I have paid for train tickets, overnight accommodation in London and the event ticket...

Your Labelling is Deadly & You Don’t Know it

Your Labelling is Deadly & You Don’t Know it

As a food or drink producer, you have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that your products are safe.  One of the ways to do this is to ensure that the information that you give to your customer is accurate. Getting this wrong could mean that your labelling is...

Paperwork Precision Prevents Problems

Paperwork Precision Prevents Problems

As the company involved in the most recent widely publicised meat incident (Russell Hume) have discovered, having robust paperwork in place is essential for all food businesses. We currently do not know what the Food Standards Agency considered to be an issue at the...

5 tips to avoid jail for food producers

For a video highlighting the key points, go to Youtube. The change to UK sentencing guidelines for food hygiene offences to include prison sentences and large fines, was a positive change, in my view, to the way that the courts saw poor food hygiene. Part of the food...

Regulation changes

What I learned from the GDPR implementation date, was that regulation changes should be treated the same whether for general or specific business sectors . It’s important to work on your business as well as in your business, so everyone says. But it is also important...

5 ways to avoid killing your customers and your business

Getting food safety wrong can kill your customers and your business. Here are 5 ways to avoid killing your customers and your business as a food business owner. Make sure that your team have access to the correct information about allergens and that cross...

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