There are many accreditations available and the best one for your business depends on many factors. The accreditations include BRCGS, SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) and others.

The most common food and drink third party accreditations for food safety are those offered by BRCGS (previously BRC) (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards), SALSA, NSF CMi, SAI Global and ISO. These all take HACCP as the starting block and work up from there.

SALSA has some industry specific modules such as beer and cheese and BRCGS have a more diverse number of accreditations.. Recently, SALSA launched a Storage and Distribution version of the SALSA food safety standard. This is aimed at smaller storage and distribution businesses who feel that the BRCGS standard is too onerous for them.

In addition, there  those offered by specific retailers such as Marks and Spencer. Some seek to assure the production of food, such as the Soil Association and for fisheries – MSC.

You may be able to download copies of the standard free of charge from the awarding body website, as BRCGS does. This  allows you to review the requirements. If you would like a chat with me to discuss which standard is the best for your business, and the support Alimenti can offer, email or call me using the details at the top of the page, or here.


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