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Do you ever wonder if your food safety paperwork is working for you? Are you confident that your food safety paperwork would protect you if you needed it for a due diligence defence? Are you targeting bigger customers that want lots of documentation or even an accreditation?

I understand.

It’s hard to find time for food safety paperwork when you’re busy producing amazing food or drink.

Work with me, Louise, and I’ll help you create a food safety management system for your business that will help you ensure that you can rely on the food safety paperwork – leaving you time to get on with the things you do best.

Complaint management for those times when things go wrong.

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I have extensive experience within food technology and technical management. I also have a large network of formal and informal contacts. Let me introduce you when we work together.

I can help with

  • setting up the technical side of a “green field” food manufacturing site;
  • site and head office interim technical management;
  • developing documentation for stand-alone sites;
  • management of product recalls;
  • Setting up and reviewing HACCP plans or studies.
  • Working with you to gain local authority approval for your site
  • supplier management from 10 to over 450 suppliers per company, managing all sizes of raw material supplier from sole traders to multi national businesses.
  • Working in and managing microbiology laboratories.
  • Management of complaint investigations, whether complex or simple, including corrective actions and root cause analysis.


experienced food safety expert

Louise Roberts (founder)


The person behind Alimenti Food Sciences Ltd. is me – Louise Roberts. I am a Chartered Scientist (CSci), on the Register of Food Auditors and Mentors (RPFAM) and Registered Food Safety Manager (RFoodSM) as well as a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (UK).

I hold an ISO 22000 lead auditor qualification and have a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

My microbiology experience in food safety covers many years of my career, both in and out of laboratories.

During my career, I have  worked with the food service, retail and manufacturing sectors. I have worked with large government departments such as Ministry of Defence; large retailers and many household names. I have both technical and operational experience.

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Business Continuity Planning

  What would you do if the road to your site was blocked for 2 days? Do you have a plan?    Business continuity planning (BCP) is also an area that I can help with. Databarracks reported in 2016 that as many as 33% of businesses do not have a Business Continuity Plan. Of the 67% that do have a Plan in place, many will fail to test or review their plans on a regular basis. This makes the Plan outdated. Business Continuity is not only about Information Technology (IT) systems.   Business Continuity Plans are designed to get your business trading at an acceptable level, as soon as possible. Scenarios can include loss of use of buildings, loss of key members of staff, interruption of services such as water or electricity or an important supplier going bankrupt.

Alimenti Food Sciences is proud to be a member of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce  and Worcestershire Food and Drink.

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