National Food Safety Management System and Food Hygiene Paperwork Consultant

Are you looking for a way to make sure that you are producing safe food or drink whilst keeping your customers happy? Maybe you are looking for a food safety system or food hygiene management system that can save you time and give you peace of mind? Are you located somewhere between Herefordshire, Kent and Yorkshire?

Then you are in the right place.

Work with me, an experienced and accredited food safety consultant to create a food safety system that your customer expects and the quality you have agreed to deliver. You can have the national food hygiene paperwork evidence to demonstrate the safety and legality of your products when you work with me.


Not just another food safety consultant, more like your own technical director.

Getting to the core of the food safety system, leaving you to grow your business, safely.

Working with you to look after your food hygiene paperwork so you can concentrate on producing wonderful food and drink

Sick of boring food safety manuals? Be like a boss and invest in Guardian Hub food safety management system.

Experienced and Accredited Food Safety Consultant

I imagine that you are here because you are looking for ways to keep your business and customers safe by working with a food safety consultant and investing in a food safety management system.

I can help with that.

My name is Louise and I have worked in the national food industry for most of my professional life.

Want to know a secret? I dislike food hygiene paperwork. However, I also believe that if it isn’t recorded, it is difficult to prove. I work with my clients to create food safety management systems that reflect the tremendous effort that they go to create safe and legal food, of the quality both they and their customers expect.

Some customers expect to see pages and pages of documentation. Others do not. I can help you to meet your customers’ and the national law’s expectations whether you’re based in Kent, Herefordshire or Yorkshire, or anywhere in between.

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When I first met Louise, I needed to get SALSA accreditation, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that I needed to do to get through the accreditation process. It was a very stressful time.

Louise came to my rescue and did an excellent job of calming me down. She helped us to acheive SALSA  accreditation  and maintain the paperwork. We have now been working together for a year and I would highly recommend Louise to anyone who is working towards SALSA or wants to maintain their accreditation. She is always available to help, goes above and beyond and totally understands the pressures of a small food business owner.

Hilda Ademiluyi

Owner, Sunshine Foods

Work with me – an accredited food safety consultant


If you have any questions about implementing a food system management system, keeping on top of your food hygiene paperwork, meeting the national food hygiene laws, or gaining a health and safety food hygiene certificate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ve helped food manufacturers, restaurants, caterers, and other businesses in the food and drink industry keep on top of their food safety system all across the country, from Kent to Yorkshire to Herefordshire.

Find out how a food safety consultant can help you succeed today. Book a call.

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